Breading Human Emotions out of Technological Equations.

My project is loosely based on ‘Technological Determinism’, otherwise known as the social fear of technology. I find that in this contemporary society, we have become succumbed to an overload of technology, to the extent that we’re becoming increasingly dependent on it.
I find that we have become susceptible and vulnerable to technology, that we are losing our own independency. To the extent that technology is now being used to substitute human emotions within the English language, through social media and networking.
I have explored these imposing technological influences, and created my own piece of visual propaganda in response to our hypothetically progressive society.

Other themes I explore are the religious connotations behind a technology, and the consumerist product, and that just like a religion, promises help, guidance and interaction.
Keeping us all connected within a community like a religion, by creating that illusion to ‘elevate people beyond themselves and have them live a superior life in the collectivity.’ (Gentile, 2006)